STEEL GUARDING REFURBISHMENT: With over twenty years experience of refurbishment and improvement of existing guards, you can find no better choice than Machguard.

REVIEW: Call us now, and we can visit to assess your needs. Looking at your specific requirements, at any compliance issues, and at the condition and suitability of your current guarding system, we can quickly provide a written report of our reccommendations for refurbishment.

RECOVERY: Our engineers will travel to site to dismantle and remove your guarding systems, taking them back to our specialised facility in South Yorkshire. There, they will be cleaned and reviewed in detail, for refurbishment.

REFURBISH: Where possible, any damage will be made good/ All work will be carried out using OEM replacement parts, or components manufactured by ourselves. In addition to this, we can apply any changes in  design and application of your existing guard system, to ensure compliance with current directives, and suitability for purpose. Of course, any specific modifications such as to fit a different machine, can be included too.


REFIT: On completion if required, we will travel to site to re-fit the system, again ensuring compliance for your guarding application.

THE WAY FORWARD: In many cases, refurbishment can be the shortest and most economic route to a good guarding system. However, if you are not sure, then call us now on 01709 578 222, or email, and we can contact you directly to provide the guidance which you'll need.

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